ISCARE clinic in Prague

In 1995, the ISCARE centre of assisted reproduction was founded as the first IVF centre in the Czech Republic. Over the years it has expanded with the addition of plastic surgery, obesitology and gastroenterology departments. The ISCARE centre is different from other clinics thanks to its long tradition in the field of assisted reproductive technology and its know-how, which has its roots in Israel, where there is the largest concentration of clinics for the most successful treatments of infertility in the world.

Thanks to our team of gynecologists who have studied under the best in the world - in Israel - we have already helped bring over 10.000 children into the world.

Not only is the professional advice of doctors qualified in assisted reproduction crucial for successful treatment, but also the use of special laboratory methods. ISCARE has its own laboratory and this contributes significantly to ISCARE’s long-term, stable and growing success.

With a success rate of 48-50% for clinical pregnancies subsequent to embryo transfers, we are among the most visited artificial insemination centres in the Czech Republic. At ISCARE more than 2.000 infertile couples are treated every year. Our success is represented by the more than 9.500 children that the ISCARE clinic has helped bring into the world.

The ISCARE Clinic is located in the centre of Prague, in a modern high-rise building, 30 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from Central Station. The clinic's reception is located on the first floor. We can book you a room in a nearby hotel at discounted prices. As part of our service, there is also the option of being picked up by a driver at the airport or train station free of charge.

You will be assisted in your language. The clinic's medical staff has many years of experience with patients from all over the world and is able to work with Italian speaking couples who wish to have a baby.

The clinic's modern equipment complies with the highest European standards. The ISCARE centre is certified by TÜV and the training center for international companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Merck.