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With a long tradition.
We have been here for you since 1995

We have helped give birth to over 11,000 children.

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Together we can do it


Our egg donation programme in the Czech Republic is designed for women who even after hormonal stimulation cannot undergo egg retrieval, and therefore need eggs from a donor.


In the Czech Republic, artificial insemination, respectively IVF, is a method of treatment in which the eggs are taken from the mother's body, fertilised and then transferred to the uterus. IVF is used for the treatment of primary and secondary infertility.


At our clinic we offer the possibility of freezing (eggs, sperm, embryos), the choice of the number of embryos transferred, and so on. The package of 2 cryo embryo transfers comes for EUR 2000.

No waiting times!

Our clinic helps all those who wish to become proud parents and who, due to work, not having the right partner at the right time, health problems or age, have not yet had the good fortune to experience this wonderful feeling.

We do not promise miracles, we try to make them happen.

For us the most important thing is to make you feel good, give you the opportunity to ask us questions, listen to you, accompany you and never leave you alone during this delicate journey.

For us the customer is a partner and we treat her as such.

With care, attention, understanding and sensitivity. For some time now our clinic has been popular because of the attention it devotes to its patients, and that is why they come back to us.